Revised City Ordinance of Belleville, IL

We used data from a thousand pages of PDFs from the City Clerk's Office so that citizens of Belleville can navigate, search, and discuss the law of their city.

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There can only be two pawnshops in the city, and they must have video cameras that record everyone entering the building.

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Pool Tables

Pool Halls must pay the city $50 per table each year, and should close at midnight.

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A license to run a carnival costs $100 per day.

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Dog in Heat

If your dog is in heat, keep her inside. The police have have the right to shoot him if he gets too vicious.

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If you demolish a building, fill in the hole, then top it off with at least 12 inches of soil to encourage vegetation.

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Only two poles at a time, and leave the frogs alone.

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Liquor Stores

Liquor stores must close at 1 am, unless they pay an extra $250. Then they can close at 2 am.

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Bee Keepers

If your colony gets unusually aggressive, it's your duty to re-queen the colony from a stock bred for gentleness.

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Don't hunt, shoot or otherwise trespass upon Walnut Cemetery.

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